A wrong pillow can become a potential cause for your neck pain, body aches, severe headaches, and shoulder tension. Have you been waking up to horrible dreams and uncomfortable sleepless nights? Maybe its time you head towards the best mattress shop in Pune and fetch the best pillow for good sleep.

Bed & Bedding is one of the well-renowned names when it comes to buying the best bed mattress for back pain. We understand our customer’s need for comfort and therefore cater up to the benchmark of quality services.

How to Choose the best pillow for your Good Night Sleep?

Here are a few tips ad tricks on how you can buy the perfect pillow according to your sleep preferences. Every individual is unique, and so are their sleeping choices. Follow these step by step guide for a comfortable and healthy sleep:

1) Know your sleep position:

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Do you sleep on your back or stomach, or are you a side sleeper? There are different types of pillow to suit every sleeping style. Where the back sleepers need a medium-thick pillow to keep their neck, head, and back aligned, the side sleepers will find comfort in sleeping on a pillow slightly thicker and firmer.

2) Consider the size of your pillow

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At Bed & Bedding, pillows come in an array of shapes and sizes. From standard pillow (20×26 inches) to king-sized pillow (20×28 inches) and queen-sized pillow (20×36 inches), we have something to suit all types of sleeping preferences of our valued customers.

3) Take pillow filling into account

Are you suffering from any medical issues? Are you allergic to feathers, wool, or cotton? Are you suffering from asthma, neck pain, or back pain? There is a unique pillow filling to suit all kinds of patients. Our Latex pillows are more breathable and more refreshing than the memory foam pillow. However, patients suffering from neck pain or back pain should go for a memory foam best pillow for good sleep to add support to their body posture.

4) Consider the longevity of your pillow

There is no fixed schedule for replacing your pillow but if your pillow can no more offer you the good night sleep it once did, its time to replace it. Pillows like natural and synthetic down can quickly get machine-washed. However, the foam pillow can be maintained by a pillow protector and extend its service period.

Visit Bed & Bedding to know more on our wide array of pillows and best bed mattress in Pune that suit your sleeping preferences and offer you quality health.

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