Buying the right mattress calls out for a good amount of investment- time and money. Considering the diverse options available in the market – each claiming to be the best mattress manufacturer- it becomes challenging to make the right decision in the first attempt. So, here are the key elements to choosing the best mattress in Pune:

    • Room Dimension: Before heading towards the mattress shop in Pune, take a floor tape and measure the dimension of the space available around your bed to ensure the mattress perfectly fits your bed.

    • Price: You certainly don’t want to get bankrupted for a mattress. A price quote can filter your decision-making process and help you choose the most-featured one at the right price.

    • Body-type: Is the mattress for a single person, couple, senior citizen, or children. Every individual has different sleep preferences at different ages. Knowing their comfort needs can help you navigate the best mattress.

What should be the ideal size of a mattress?

A good-quality mattress has a lifespan of not less than seven years, whereas a bad-quality mattress will leave you dissatisfied despite all the maintenance, cleaning, and efforts. Before you visit a store or browse online for a mattress, check for what size you need currently and soon, which mattress can give you a comfortable sleep. Here is the mattress size guide to give you a better perspective of mattress shopping:

Single mattress: Suitable for a single individual, a single mattress’s dimension should not be less than 30 “*72” (76.2cmx1.83m). It is also known as a twin-size mattress and is best suited for a kid who no longer fits inside the crib. It is also suitable for an adult looking for a hostel bed, bunk beds, or dorm rooms. It is also an ideal choice for a person longing for luxury sleep in a small room.

Double-bed mattress: Ideal for a young adult who is six feet tall and loves to spread out and sleep, a double mattress’s dimension should not be less than 48 “*72” (1.22mx1.83m). This mattress is suitable for two individuals who don’t have space for a queen-size mattress.

Queen-size mattress: It is an ideal choice for people who share the bed with their partners. It helps prevent tossing and turning and has a dimension of 60 “*72” (1.52mx1.83m). However, it occupies a large space and can fit into the bedroom of 10×10.

King-Size mattress: This mattress is wider than 12″ (30.48cm) and is best suited for large-bodied individuals or someone who likes to spread wide and sleep. A king-size mattress is nothing but having two twin-size mattresses joined together. A bedroom with a dimension of 10″*12.5″ or larger is spacious enough to accommodate this bed.

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