The most common mistake people often commit buying an ill-fitted mattress. The size, shape, length, fabric, and lastly, the cost, every aspect should be well-thought before investing in a good-quality mattress. We own the best mattress showroom in Pune with a wide array of good-quality mattresses from various brands. We are here to help you find the right mattress that promotes comfortable sleep.

What mattress size is perfect for my sleep?

The average person moves more than 40 times a night, including a dozen full-body turns. A small-size mattress is going to alternate between trading groggy elbows with your partner and rolling off onto the floor. In contrast, it may be easy to forget, mattress size dimensions matter. To ensure you don’t affect your beauty sleep, here is a quick mattress buying guide for all kinds of sleepers.

The Twin-Size Mattress: It’s ideal for either shorter people, like kids, or for rooms with space constraints. Twin mattress dimensions clock in at 39 inches wide by 75 inches long, making it the smallest mattress size available, but be assured, it’s bigger than a crib. Although a twin-size mattress is a perfect “first” bed for children transitioning out of cribs, many parents go straight for a queen-size mattress to give their child more room to grow and offer an easy place for parents to lay for bedtime stories!

A Full-Size Mattress: This size mattress typically doesn’t work well for most couples since it leaves only 27 inches of personal space per sleeper; that’s about the same amount of sleep space available in a crib! But, if you’re going for a twin vs. full mattress, the full-size mattress provides much more room for an individual than a twin mattress.

A Queen-Size Mattress: Its perfect size makes it a great choice for couples, particularly couples who don’t mind snuggling, as the sleeping space per person is smaller than a twin-size bed (30″ x 80″ vs. 38″ x 75″). Also, many individual people who just want to spread out at night choose a queen-size mattress. Also, a queen-size mattress is a good fit for master bedrooms designed to hold larger beds.

A King-Size Mattress: As the say goes, “Live Life King-Size,” a king-size mattress allows for maximum sleeping space and even extra room for a kid (or two), pets, and any third individual who wants to squeeze in. Although the mattress features the same length as a queen-sized mattress, it has a whopping 72 inches in width. You can easily stretch out during the night without disturbing the person sleeping next to you.

Make sure the mattress you choose fills out your bed space. When thinking through which of the mattress sizes to buy, do not forget these tips, as it comes very handy while shopping mattress. For more details and updates on the right mattress, connect with Bed & Bedding Co.- The best destination for a good-quality mattress in Pune. We help you choose the best mattress.

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