You may be aware that mattresses have different sizes and choosing the right size could be confusing if you are looking for a mattress online. It is vital to determine the right bed mattress size as it primarily affects your sleep and posture.

If you sleep on a mattress that causes discomfort, it could lead to back or body pain. In a nutshell, you should be aware of the size of the bed you are sleeping on as it varies from person to person. For instance, adults require a different mattress size compared to kids.

Some of the common questions our customers ask us while choosing a mattress size include:

  1. Will a king size bed fit into my small room?
  2. Is it necessary to buy a king size bed if I have a family?
  3. What is the bed size for my kids?

This blog will clear any confusion and make it easier for our customers to choose the right mattress size for their bed.

Pick the right mattress size – Dimensions in inches.

There is a wide range of beds available in different sizes in the market. The size and measurement of each mattress differ from each other. In India, the standard measure for a kid size bed is around 76 inches to 80 inches and approximately 60 inches to 80 inches for a queen size bed. There are a few points you should keep in mind before buying a mattress.

The size chart mentioned in the blog will help you decide what mattress size is the best for you.

• King size mattress

King size mattress
Width – 72 inches
Length – 78 inches

The standard measurement of a king size mattress in India is between 78 inches in length and 72 inches in width. The king size mattress is ideal for individuals who sleep with their kids or allow their pets to rest with them.

Moreover, it is an ideal choice for couples who require additional sleeping room. As a king size mattress has sufficient space, it offers adequate comfort necessary for a good night’s sleep.

• Queen size mattress

Queen size mattress

Width – 60 inches
Length – 78 inches

A queen size mattress is a popular choice among our customers as it is a perfect blend of sufficient space and comfort. The average size of a queen size mattress in India is between 78 inches in length and 60 inches in width.

• Double bed or full-size mattress size

Double bed or full-size mattress size1

Width – 54 inches
Length – 75 inches

The average size of a double bed mattress is between 75 inches in length and 54 inches in width. Typically, it is around one and a half times bigger than a single bed mattress.

• Single bed mattress

Single bed mattress1

Width – 36 inches
Length – 75 inches

A single bed mattress is usually smaller in size compared to the mentioned mattresses above. Besides, a single bed mattress is perfect for individuals who live alone or kids.

Factors you should consider before choosing the size of your mattress.

1. Sleeping space

Every individual requires different sleeping space. Although a king size mattress offers maximum room, you might not require all that space while sleeping. Hence, it is essential to find a size that suits your need.

2. Space available in the room

It is not rocket science to understand that the larger the size of the room, the larger the bed it can accommodate. Measure your room before you start shopping for a bed and identify if you will have enough walking space left in your room once the bed comes in.

3. Sleeping style

If you have a habit of moving a lot, twisting and turning, a larger bed will provide sufficient space to do so.

4. Moving your bed

If you favour rearranging your room from time to time, moving your bed around is an essential factor. Keep in mind that smaller sized beds are relatively more comfortable to move around compared to larger beds.

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