Neck pain and back pain is experienced by everyone once in their lifetime. However, you may wake up with stiff neck and shoulder pain, and the reason may not be evident to you. It can be inadequate sleep, bad sleep patterns, a bad mattress, or a bad-quality pillow. 

Taking care of your neck and shoulders requires stretching exercises and the right mattress and pillow combination. A mattress or pillow that is too hard or too soft for your even bodyweight distribution, spine, and muscle strength would be a poor choice for your quality sleep. If you’re looking to get rid of body pains, your sleep adjustment plays a big role.

What causes neck pain and shoulder pain?

Various contributing factors may cause neck, shoulder, and back pain, such as:

Sleep Posture: 

Your sleeping posture decides how much your muscles and pressure points take rest during the night. For instance, sleeping on the side means your shoulders and neck require a comfortable position as their pressure points can get misaligned. Without adequate support and cushioning, sleeping on the side may cause discomfort and compression on the shoulder blades and adjacent muscles.

While sleeping on a firm mattress, your neck would be forced to sink to the pillow level irrespective of the pillow’s firmness. Moreover, your neck and shoulders both need to lie in a neutral horizontal position in the back sleeping position. 

The best mattress in Pune to allow sleeping in both positions would be a medium-firm mattress to support your spinal alignment.

Softness level of your bed: 

The firmness of your mattress and softness level is crucial in offering support to your neck and shoulder. Sleeping on a firm or medium-firm mattress is essential for people with injuries or weakened muscles due to old age. But young adults and children can opt for a softer mattress, as per their fitness levels.

Overall, our body’s fitness, age, and other factors also determine if a mattress’s firmness/softness level is good for our neck, shoulder, and back pain. A medium-firm mattress is the best option for such a scenario. It is because the body wouldn’t sink enough to cause your head to be elevated on the pillow; neither does it have the discomfort or extra support to cause your head to tilt down. 

Support level: 

The best mattresses for neck and shoulder pain are the one that offers excellent support system. It is because irrespective of firmness, sleeping orientation, and pillows, the mattress has to support your entire spine. Be it sleeping on the side or on the back, your spine needs to be relaxed, undisturbed, and your neck in proper support (no sinking or elevation). This support level is critical in ensuring good-quality sleep without any pain or muscle deterioration.

For example, an overweight/obese person would need an innerspring coil mattress with soft cushioning to support the spine and a plush comfort layer for the neck and shoulders. 

Old-saggy mattress: 

An old or saggy mattress would be another reason why your neck and shoulders hurt every alternate day. Any old or saggy mattress would have unevenly compressed areas that result in your spine or pillow sinking. In addition, based on the fat distribution in your body, your mattress could have permanent or semi-permanent uneven mattress impressions. These areas of unevenly lacking support and cushioning are harmful to your back and spine.

As a result, your spine gets misaligned, leading to back problems and raising/sinking your shoulders. So, if you’re facing back, shoulders, and neck-related pain, it could be your old mattress that’s causing these issues.

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