Many years ago, people used conventional mattresses manufactured with two upholstered sides. It means you can flip the mattress time to time to prolong its comfort and functioning period. As innovation took over manufacturing industries, two-sided mattresses are very rare these days. Many people have welcomed single-sided mattresses, but there are few buyers ready to go extra miles for a two-sided mattress from the mattress store in Pune, Maharashtra.

Therefore, being the most-accomplished mattress store in Pune, Bed & Bedding is here to discuss the various characteristics of buying a single-sided mattress and double-sided mattress. Know your options well before making the big purchase.

The One-Sided Mattress

These type of mattress can only be used by one side. It means, people can lay down on the mattress from one side and cannot flip it. The memory foam material is present only on the top layer and therefore, unlike traditional mattress, you cannot use both the sides of the bed to sleep. However, for the sake of longevity, one can interchange head end and leg end, once in a while.

• One-sided mattresses are multi-layered
• It comes with innovative designs
• They cannot be flipped and hence, save you the efforts on maintenance
• A wide range of varieties available in mattress for back pain

The Two-Sided Mattress

As the name suggests, this type of mattresses can be used from both sides. It consists of cushioning materials from both the side. Due to regular usage, mattresses eventually takes the form of your body and encounters wear and tear, over time. By flipping sides of the mattress, you can extend the mattress longevity.

• They can be used for a prolonged period, as both sides can be used alternatively
• Due to its flipping feature, the wear and tear gets evenly distributed
• They are cheaper

Note: Two-sided mattresses are a big no for older people as they cannot flip the sides occasionally and might risk their health.


The material used for both the mattresses is often the same. However, make sure you discuss your sleeping preferences with the best expert before heading towards the mattress store in Pune. We, at Bed & Bedding, ensure our customers receive value for their money. Therefore, our staff personnel guide our customers through various mattresses that can offer them good quality sleep and improve their overall health. To know more about mattresses and brands, visit our store in Pune.

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