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Equipped to fight against the novel coronavirus, we are following the government guidelines and safety protocols:

  • Well-sanitized surface and mattress products
  • Healthy sleep consultants and staff personnel
  • Isolated comfortable mattress sale

The global pandemic outbreak has severely impacted our health and our jobs, lifestyle, and, most importantly, our sleep schedule. The entire world has been quarantined, with many losing their jobs temporarily/permanently. Many people are forced to work from home and multitask to pay their monthly cheques. This scenario led to a surge increase in stress levels, depression, and insomnia.

Although people know that a good night’s sleep is crucial for our body to relax and improve the immune system (which is currently the only option to fight with COVID19), many are risking their lives in the hands of sleepless, stressed nights.

Are you getting enough sleep at night? If not, these can be one of the reasons why:

Spending too much time on electronic devices: Whether you are doing your office work or binge-watch movies all night, spending too much time on smartphones, laptops, and TV, emitting harmful blue rays, can adversely affect your sleep quality and cause insomnia.

Bad Routine: How many of you are strictly following the 10 PM-5 AM sleep schedule? Staying indoors, 24×7 has changed the routine of every individual. Also, at home, people have great access to caffeine, alcohol, and sugary items, which are proven cause of degrading, sleep quality.

No Sleep Hygiene: Sleep hygiene doesn’t merely refers to an air-conditioned bedroom, clean floors, and scented space. It also means a clean mattress, fresh bedsheet, and clean sleepwear. You can buy the best mattress in Pune and get rid of the flattened, stained, dirty, and dust-accumulated mattress, as it affects your respiratory system and body function.

Anxiety and Fear: No one was prepared for the novel coronavirus outbreak. In no time it spread in every corner of the world, resulting in people quarantining themselves inside their homes. The fear of getting infected can be seen in everyone’s eyes. People are living in constant fear of experiencing contagious flu and health impairment, which can also result in death.

Fear, anxiety, and stress are not the solution to fight the world pandemic. We need to remain focused on improving our immunity, get enough sleep, stay healthy, and avoid going in public and containment zones.

How can the right mattress help you fight the virus?

When we get a good night’s sleep, our body prepares its immune system to combat viruses, bacteria, and harmful diseases. At night, our body temperature rises to fight germs and bacteria accumulated inside the body system. The immune cells become active and prevent harmful microorganisms from spreading and destroying the good cells.

The right mattress, suitable for your body type and sleep preferences, will relax your body and prevent any back pain or neck pain when you wake up in the morning. Bed & Bedding – A well-renowned mattress shop in Pune contributes to fighting the world pandemic with their world-class, guaranteed, and most comfortable mattress and pillow products. You can visit our store rest-assured of hygiene and safety. We are well-equipped with all necessary precautions and safety measures in action such as well-sanitized showrooms, healthy sleep consultants, and isolated sale of mattresses.

To learn more about our availability and delivery options, visit our online store or call us today. We will guide you with the best mattress product for a healthy good night’s sleep.

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