Many people find it challenging to purchase the right mattress according to their sleep preferences. But, some prefer buying a latex mattress without weighing its advantages and disadvantages. A latex mattress may not suit everyone. Therefore, it’s wise to consider all the points regarding any product before making the purchase.

In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying a latex mattress from the wholesale mattress market in Pune. Let us begin!


Comfort: Many of our clients have reported that our latex mattress has relieved back pain, neck pain, and stiffness in the body while awake. Therefore, latex mattresses offer extreme support to the entire body while lying down.

Life-Expectancy: Latex mattresses don’t come low-priced. But it also serves for extended years, providing the same amount of comfort, durability, and stability to the body. Studies have shown that the latex mattress has longer life expectancy compared to the other types of mattresses.

Odor lock: An all-natural latex mattress has no off-gassing. People who are allergic to the unpleasant smell of beds will be delighted to know that latex mattresses have no chemical odors.

Customization: A synthetic latex mattress or a mattress manufactured with both synthetic and natural latex could easily get customized according to the client’s comfort and sleep preferences. The mattress comes with two different firmness levels to accommodate the individual needs of each partner.

Healthy: Many mattress companies and brands use adhesives that release toxins in the atmosphere and are also harmful to your respiratory organs. Latex mattresses contain no such adhesives, are naturally fire-resistant, and have hypoallergenic properties to prevent dust, mites, and moulds from accumulating inside the bed.

Motion Separation: One of the most ancient problems of every human being while sleeping is, the disturbance created by tossing and turning of the other sleeping partner. The good news is a latex mattress can help isolate the motion to provide less or no disturbance to your partner on the other side of the bed.


Price: Latex mattresses are costly as it is made out of the most expensive materials to meet the comfort standards. To buy the best mattress in Pune, your best-shot is to search for online retailers. They offer all-natural latex mattresses at decent prices backed up with exciting offers and discounts.

Heavy Weight: Latex mattresses are heavier compared to the other types of mattresses. You may need at least two people to move it around the bed or toss-n-turn. While buying a latex mattress from a showroom or trusted store, check whether they offer home delivery or not, to avoid the hassles of lifting and dragging the bed inside your home.

Bed & Bedding has been offering 100% genuine products backed up with years of warranty. We understand the importance of good night’s sleep, and therefore you will never find us compromising the product’s quality. Serve only the best is our goal, and we live up to it. To find the right type of orthopaedic mattress in Pune, you can walk into our showroom or browse online to quote the best affordable, durable, and reliable bedding products.

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