Your Mattress Size Guide: How To Buy A Right Mattress According To Your Bed Size?

Buying the right mattress calls out for a good amount of investment- time and money. Considering the diverse options available in the market – each claiming to be the best mattress manufacturer- it becomes challenging to make the right decision in the first attempt. So, here are the key elements to choosing the best mattress […]

How To Choose The Best Mattresses for Senior Citizens?

Age is not just a number. One goes through various health changes and needs to consider a few lifestyle habits to lead an active life. For most senior citizens, age brings a wide array of psychological weaknesses, weakened bones, and muscles. Also, older people sleep less yet need to ensure they sleep in a good […]

3 Advantages Of Shredded-foam Pillows Over Traditional Foam Pillows

Memory foams have become an ideal filling for all modern bedding accessories and are much prefered by customers today. It is primarily because memory foam is highly visco-elastic and cups the head without deforming permanently. It conforms perfectly with the body’s contour, providing ultimate support to the head and the neck. However, the way memory […]

Your Pillow Decides Your Sleep Comfort. Choose It Wisely!

A wrong pillow can become a potential cause for your neck pain, body aches, severe headaches, and shoulder tension. Have you been waking up to horrible dreams and uncomfortable sleepless nights? Maybe its time you head towards the best mattress shop in Pune and fetch the best pillow for good sleep. Bed & Bedding is […]

Unable to Accomplish a Continuous Sleep? Is Your Mattress at Fault?

Are you suffering from an achy back? Have you been waking up from sleep being tired and irritable? Maybe, it’s time to bid goodbye to your old mattress. Unlike the fact that people never dare to step out of their home for trekking without the proper gear, many of us compromise over the sleeping accessories, […]

5 Types of Mattresses Specially Designed for Senior Citizens

Does a good mattress make any difference for older people to get a good sleep? Yes, it does. According to a few researches, comfortable mattresses reduce back pain, stress, and sleep quality among patients with chronic pain and aches that compromise their sleep. Senior citizens often dissolve the idea of buying a new mattress, maybe […]

5 Reasons Why Orthopedic Mattress is best For Your Family

Your mattress plays a vital role to achieve a good night sleep. With ageing, comes the health condition such as backaches and bone spurs, arthritis, or even worst, frozen shoulder. The pain associated with these disorders can hinder your sleep. Doctors often prescribe a healthy diet and few exercises to maintain your health also for […]

Why a Good Mattress is One of the Smartest Investments You Can Make!

It is hard to not admit that a night of good sleep is detrimental to how your day shapes up. In addition, considering how the modern urban lifestyle engulfs a part of you, our body requires a good amount of rest to recharge and feel fresh. However, it is safe to say that while deciding […]

Buying a Mattress: Online Vs. In-Store Shopping

Buying mattress online or in a brick mortar store can be really daunting as each one of them has their own balanced pros and cons to consider. We sleep one-third of our lives on the mattress and therefore, one cannot compromise over the quality and comfort of it. Bed & Bedding – the leading mattress […]