How To Improve My Mattress Life?

We spend around one-third of our day on the bed – Sleeping, relaxing, or lying on the bed with kids and pets. With each passing day, your mattress’s quality starts deteriorating, and you find the need to replace it for improved sleep quality. Mattresses don’t come cheap. Replacing it every year is not a budget-friendly […]

Is Heavy Mattress the Right Mattress?

Many people think that the heavier the mattress, the higher the quality. But, you can fill the mattress with rocks and increase its weight. Will it provide you a good night’s sleep? No. Weight is the by-product of quality. However, we cannot deny that heavy mattresses are built with high-quality materials than lightweight mattresses. Also, […]

Your Pillow Decides Your Sleep Comfort. Choose It Wisely!

A wrong pillow can become a potential cause for your neck pain, body aches, severe headaches, and shoulder tension. Have you been waking up to horrible dreams and uncomfortable sleepless nights? Maybe its time you head towards the best mattress shop in Pune and fetch the best pillow for good sleep. Bed & Bedding is […]

Are You Following the Right Sleeping Position?

You might be sleeping for a recommended 6-8 hours and still cannot sleep healthily. Sleeping positions matter a lot to achieve a night of healthy sleep and very few people might be following the right sleeping pattern. Experts believe that the first step towards attaining healthy sleep is to have the right mattress. A mattress […]

Mattresses for Every Back, Side and Stomach Sleepers

Every individual has a different sleeping pattern. It means one type of mattress cannot work for everyone’s comfort. Are you a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper? Do you struggle for continuous sleep or stay wide awake after midnight? Do you wake up tired instead of fresh and rebooted? Maybe your mattress is not […]

Old Mattress and Its Adverse Effects on your Family’s Health

Good night sleep is the first thing we sacrifice when we go through tough times. In today’s hassled life, stress is the one root causes of many health conditions, irrespective of your age. Have you been compromising your sleep due to stress? A good-quality mattress will help you fight your stress levels. How? Bed & […]

Unable to Accomplish a Continuous Sleep? Is Your Mattress at Fault?

Are you suffering from an achy back? Have you been waking up from sleep being tired and irritable? Maybe, it’s time to bid goodbye to your old mattress. Unlike the fact that people never dare to step out of their home for trekking without the proper gear, many of us compromise over the sleeping accessories, […]

How to Increase Your Mattress’s Life Expectancy?

Mattresses do not come cheap. Buying the best luxury mattress from top mattress showroom in Pune is not just an investment but a decision that you will live with for many years. Therefore, it is highly essential to know the lifespan of your mattress. It helps you to remain prepared for replacement and can save […]

Major Benefits of Buying a Dual Comfort Mattress?

With so many options available in the market, choosing the best mattress in Pune might be challenging initially. The right mattress should provide you comfortable sleep and good health. Often people complain of irregular sleeping patterns but couldn’t find the root cause of it. Bed & Bedding strive for offering the best comfort sleep to […]

5 Reasons Why Orthopedic Mattress is best For Your Family

Your mattress plays a vital role to achieve a good night sleep. With ageing, comes the health condition such as backaches and bone spurs, arthritis, or even worst, frozen shoulder. The pain associated with these disorders can hinder your sleep. Doctors often prescribe a healthy diet and few exercises to maintain your health also for […]