Are You Following the Right Sleeping Position?

You might be sleeping for a recommended 6-8 hours and still cannot sleep healthily. Sleeping positions matter a lot to achieve a night of healthy sleep and very few people might be following the right sleeping pattern. Experts believe that the first step towards attaining healthy sleep is to have the right mattress. A mattress […]

Mattresses for Every Back, Side and Stomach Sleepers

Every individual has a different sleeping pattern. It means one type of mattress cannot work for everyone’s comfort. Are you a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper? Do you struggle for continuous sleep or stay wide awake after midnight? Do you wake up tired instead of fresh and rebooted? Maybe your mattress is not […]

Unable to Accomplish a Continuous Sleep? Is Your Mattress at Fault?

Are you suffering from an achy back? Have you been waking up from sleep being tired and irritable? Maybe, it’s time to bid goodbye to your old mattress. Unlike the fact that people never dare to step out of their home for trekking without the proper gear, many of us compromise over the sleeping accessories, […]

5 Types of Mattresses Specially Designed for Senior Citizens

Does a good mattress make any difference for older people to get a good sleep? Yes, it does. According to a few researches, comfortable mattresses reduce back pain, stress, and sleep quality among patients with chronic pain and aches that compromise their sleep. Senior citizens often dissolve the idea of buying a new mattress, maybe […]

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress Size

You may be aware that mattresses have different sizes and choosing the right size could be confusing if you are looking for a mattress online. It is vital to determine the right bed mattress size as it primarily affects your sleep and posture. If you sleep on a mattress that causes discomfort, it could lead […]

Points to Remember While Buying a Luxury Mattress?

Buying a new mattress is a big investment but will surely turn out to be worthy if you do not just flow with the marketing aspects. One golden rule for buying the best mattress is – Buy the mattress that suits your sleeping pattern rather than choosing the best mattress in the market. Considering the […]