Buying a new mattress is a big investment but will surely turn out to be worthy if you do not just flow with the marketing aspects. One golden rule for buying the best mattress is – Buy the mattress that suits your sleeping pattern rather than choosing the best mattress in the market. Considering the fact that humans spend 25% of their life sleeping, good sleep and a good mattress come a long way towards justifying lower back pain problems and improving overall health.

Do you wake up in the morning and still feel tired? Have you recently been diagnosed with chronic back pain? If yes, it is high time you need to make some serious investment in buying a new mattress and pillow. With so many marketing ads and business chaos, it often gets difficult to select the right product. Do not worry. Bed & Bedding brings you your ultimate guide to consider before buying a new mattress:

1) Comfort comes first: Even if you buy the most expensive mattress in the world, you cannot have the best sleeping experience until and unless you feel comfortable lying on it.

2) Do Not Jump over the Trend: Every individual’s sleeping experiences are different. What might be the best for everyone might not work for you at all? Make sure you try the mattresses personally. We ate B&B offer a free trial for a few days, weeks, or months to make sure the customer meet his/her requirements.

3) Find the Right Size: If a small size bed does not fit into your comfort, change it to a more spacious double bed. It is okay to build some extra rooms for your sleep comfort. Discuss your preferences with the salesperson and get the right size of bed for your master bedroom.

4) Soft is not always the best: Too soft mattress can disrupt your sleeping posture and might become the cause of chronic back pain. A firm mattress will do just fine rather than a firmer one which gets sagged upon lying on it.

5) Do not Rush: If you are in a rush to buy a mattress sooner, calm down. Buying mattress is very different from buying the groceries. You must have sufficient time in hand to test enough mattresses and pick a good one. Experts believe, “one must lie down on a mattress for 10-15 minutes to get a better idea regarding the mattress’s comfort.

7) Look for Warranty: Many of the mattress dealers supply mattresses covered under good warranty period and offer free trials for a few days, weeks, and months. Warranty is an important aspect of the mattress brand’s customer support system.

We, at Bed & Bedding, make sure our client’s investment pay them off in long run. Therefore, friendly professionals explain the features of our valued customers individually. Knowledge of what you are investing in and how the product can satisfy your requirements will surely bring satisfaction to your face and we work our best to make your investment of worth.

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