Good night sleep is the first thing we sacrifice when we go through tough times. In today’s hassled life, stress is the one root causes of many health conditions, irrespective of your age. Have you been compromising your sleep due to stress? A good-quality mattress will help you fight your stress levels. How?

Bed & Bedding, one of the leading suppliers of the best bed mattress in Pune, has decoded 7 surprising ways in which your old mattress affects your sleep and overall health. Today, we are going to discuss these concerns and how you should deal with it.

 Increase in stress level and back problems

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According to the several types of research held on people who were allowed to sleep on a new mattress, they witnessed a dramatic decrease in stress level. Stress factors like headaches, nervousness, body aches, and tiredness were lowered as the candidates woke up fresh.

Although you bought the best mattress for home, it’s going to drop one day. Experts suggest, you ditch the sagging/drooping mattress and replace it with a new firm mattress to avoid an increase in your stress levels.

Allergic to the old mattress

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You cannot simply get rid of dust and debris residing inside your mattress by washing the linens and pillow covers. The mattress you buy must come with an “allergy-proof” label. Head towards the shop where you can find the best mattress in Pune and the sleep consultants shall help you find the right mattress that enhances your overall health conditions.

However, it is a skill that you will surely want to know, effective reference especially in the event you decide to have a job as a copywriter or a composition writer.

Unable to suit you’re sleeping preferences

Mattresses don’t come with a standardized definition for what makes their texture firm and soft. Depending on your body weight and how much pressure you apply on the mattress, every individual has its own definition of the soft and medium-firm mattress. Make sure you spend at least 20 minutes lying on the bed before making the purchase

The older the mattress, the more the tossing and turning



Having lumps formed inside your mattress can result in tossing and turning. If your mattress’s springs are not working correctly or they give a creaking sound, it’s high time you think about replacing your mattress with a new one. A drooping mattress with broken springs can affect your neck and back severely, which might result in serious health complications.

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