Every individual has a different sleeping pattern. It means one type of mattress cannot work for everyone’s comfort. Are you a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper? Do you struggle for continuous sleep or stay wide awake after midnight? Do you wake up tired instead of fresh and rebooted? Maybe your mattress is not the one made for your body type.

The firmness of mattress plays a vital role in deciding which mattress suits your sleeping position. Buy the best mattress for home from a professional and certified mattress showroom, and you shall never regret your investment. Here we are about to discuss the best mattress in Pune for every sleeping position:

Stomach Sleepers:

We all know someone with a habit of sleeping on their stomach, which means, there is a large number of the population sleeping in this position, and hence, the comfort level should also be perfect. Soft memory foam mattresses are the best for stomach sleepers as it provides additional softness to the downside parts of your body to attain relaxation. Mattress with springs on it is a big no for people sleeping on their stomach.

Side Sleepers:

Side sleeping position is the best position to sleep as it keeps your body alignment straight and eliminate the chances of backache and neck pain. The best bed mattress in Pune for side sleepers is any mattress with medium mattress firmness as it provides ultimate support. A hybrid mattress with multiple layers of foam is also an ideal choice for side sleepers.

Back Sleepers:

Back sleep position or supine position is the best sleeping position for your overall health. However, people suffering from obstructive sleep disorders and sleep apnea must avoid back sleeping position. A latex mattress in Pune is an ideal mattress for back sleepers. Due to its unique production process, latex mattress varies in firmness level, making it an excellent choice for people who want a mixed level of comfort.

At Bed & Bedding, our highly-trained staff personnel and expert team will guide you in choosing the right mattress that caters to your comfort and supports your overall health.

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