Most of us understand the importance of a good mattress for a sound and hygienic sleep. But do we really ensure a hygienic sleeping atmosphere?

Today, it is essential to clean the mattress as we spend a huge proportion of the day on it. Our body constantly perspires while sleeping which the mattress absorbs. Moisture makes the mattress a breeding ground for germs. Therefore, mattresses need to be cleaned in the best possible ways.

5 Simple Steps To Maintain A Clean Mattress

You must be wondering, cleaning mattresses is a difficult household chore, but you will be surprised to read the easy ways to keep mattresses clean. Bed and bedding, sellers of the best bed mattresses in Pune, share these five simple steps for holistic hygienic maintenance of your mattress.

1. Gather All Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning is a crucial task but a difficult household chore that becomes easy with the right management. Before you decide to clean something, gather its supplies which may include:

A vacuum cleaner
A good laundry detergent
Baking soda

2. Strip The Bed And Wash The Beddings

Give your bed covers, bed sheets, and pillow covers a nice wash while you are cleaning your mattress. The assortments on your bed, that cover and protect the mattress are host to germs. Giving them a nice spin in a hot washing tub can help get rid of dust and mites.

Caution: Read the washing instruction prior to washing bed covers and pillow covers.

3. Vacuum Clean The Mattress

Grab your vacuum cleaner and run around all through the mattress, ensuring to cover all breakout, seams, and crevices having higher chances of dust accumulation.

4. Spot-Clean The Mattress With Stain Remover

We know you do a lot to protect your mattress, still, by err, deep stains of coffee, syrups, or some items can spoil your mattress. Apply spot clean stain remover on the mattress immediately after something falls, followed by a brief cleaning process.

5. Sprinkle Some Baking Soda

Baking soda acts as a good disinfectant. It will break down the acidic component and absorb the rest of the moisture. Though it is advisable to keep mattresses in bright sunshine, if you cannot expose heavy mattresses to natural UV, then sprinkling baking soda is a great alternative. The longer you leave out your mattress with baking soda, the better it will be.

Hope these tips could help you. To get more insight over an array of topics on mattresses. For example, choosing the right kind of mattress for you, using a mattress protector for enhancing mattress shelf-life, cleaning tips, tips to enhance mattress shelf life, postures to maintain while sleeping, and a lot more, you can refer to our knowledge resources on the website. To find the best bed mattress in Pune, you can connect with our experts.

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