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At Bed & Bedding Co., we put a lot of effort into striking the ideal balance between our customers’ comfort and environmental responsibility. We can vouch towards it with our latex mattress. Bed & Bedding Co. offers full-size latex mattresses for sale online & at store. Our latex bed mattress offers solid multilayer assistance, even pressure distribution, consistency, breathability, and exceptional longevity thanks to one of its layers consisting of 100% natural latex derived from the sap of the rubber tree. With its pin core structure that allows for airflow and keeps your mattress cool throughout all times, this latex mattress is also perfect for warmer areas.

In mattresses, natural latex foam is a highly desired substance. Whether producing full latex mattresses for the king or single beds, it is one of the most natural raw materials. They are made with hardly any addition of chemicals, and processing latex has little of an effect. Latex foam mattress offers you a highly personalised level of comfort and assistance where you need it the most. Therefore, Bed & Bedding Co. is your go-to place for the best latex mattress if you’re looking for inexpensive latex mattress prices in India or foam mattress near me!

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The Design

  • Our natural latex mattress India has a seven-segment design, where cubes of latex are made with varying depths to provide the proper level of assistance for each section of your body. The main section of the mattress offers a higher level of support for your body’s larger areas, such as your hips and shoulders, while the medium-soft parts built to assist your thighs, foot, and neck offer lighter support. The mattress adapts to each of your body’s weight zones, offering you a highly personalised level of comfort and support where it is most required.
  • When compared to alternatives like spring mattresses, the latex mattress offers you a highly uniform surface to sleep on. Natural latex is extremely sturdy and does not sink because of its elastic nature; it can endure for up to fifteen years.
  • Since natural latex has soothing capabilities, it manages to provide the same level of comfort and opulence regardless of the climate. Due to the latex material’s aeration, which creates numerous air vents along the length of the mattress, you won’t ever feel hot, damp, or sticky, even in hot weather. The lowermost layer of high-resilience foam gives the entire structure great support, ensuring uniform support throughout the mattress.
  • The top layer of the ortho latex mattress is made of this remarkable substance, while the second layer is made of memory foam, which relieves pressure points by conforming to the contour of your body. This lessens the frequency with which you toss and turn during the night, ensuring that you have the least disruptive sleep possible.

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