Kurl On Mattress

Kurl-on's adventure is a fine exercise in business. Amid a visit to Germany, Mr. Ramesh Pai found that top of the line engine auto seats utilized rubber treated coconut-coir fiber made from Sri Lankan base material. He realized that India was one of the biggest makers of coconut on the planet thus he appropriately expected, there was another business to be spearheaded. Accused of this idea, he returned home to begin his voyage of finding how best he could exploit the coir husk India created. He found that coconut coir was being utilized just by the cabin business to fabricate retted texture. From here his thought came to fruition and turned into the ancestor to Kurl-on – Karnataka Consumer Products Limited – was framed in 1962.

He acquired Austrian innovation to separate fiber from the husk and twist it into ropes. A huge number of chances opened up upon this art. Instead of confining himself to sleeping pads he additionally built up a subordinate scope of items, for example, pads and tangles. In 2004, it wandered past giving only a superior rest involvement and broadened its item go into the home solace section.

The organization has developed and now fabricates sleeping pads in 126 unique arrangements. Skillet India, they have cooperated with a system including in excess of 7000 merchants, 70 branches and stock focuses, and 9 deliberately found assembling offices crosswise over Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Gujarat. With best in class innovation, these elements keep on improving the benchmarks in the sleeping cushion industry and serve the developing Indian populace.