Many people think that the heavier the mattress, the higher the quality. But, you can fill the mattress with rocks and increase its weight. Will it provide you a good night’s sleep? No. Weight is the by-product of quality. However, we cannot deny that heavy mattresses are built with high-quality materials than lightweight mattresses. Also, the mattress type, thickness, and size are significant factors that determine the mattress weight.

In this blog, we will discuss whether to choose the lightweight mattress or heavy-weight.

The Average Weight

The average mattress weight should be between 23 kg to 68 kg (50 to 150 pounds), depending on the size and materials used inside. The queen bed or King-sized bed may weigh more, comparatively.

Does weight matter?

Yes, but up to some extent. Mattress weight refers to the bodyweight that the mattress can support without drooping or sagging. If you are planning to buy a mattress online in Pune, do consider weight. Aside from feeling expensive, a heavier mattress will hold up its shape and size for a more extended period. Lightweight beds are easily movable, which means it is more prone to damage, wear, and tear.

How to choose the right material for mattresses?

A heavy mattress means there are more layers to it, which means there’s added comfort and breathability. Almost all mattress types are made of four layers – a cover, comfort layer, support layer, and base. The material quality may vary from one another. However, it doesn’t mean the mattress needs to be heavier. You may find out an expensive mattress in Pune, and the next day buys the same product at half-price in online sales. Quality matters; price tag doesn’t.

The material used for designing the comfort layer includes:
• Natural fillings
• Natural latex
• Soft white fibers
• Gel-infused foam
• Memory foam
• Polyurethane

Should I Invest in Heavy Mattress?

Invest in a mattress that perfectly serves your need. At Bed and Bedding, our customer support team ensures the clients receive the right product at the right price and has great experience buying it. You can visit our website, call us immediately, or walk into one of our showrooms in Pune for a great mattress-buying experience and guaranteed value for money.

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