We spend around one-third of our day on the bed – Sleeping, relaxing, or lying on the bed with kids and pets. With each passing day, your mattress’s quality starts deteriorating, and you find the need to replace it for improved sleep quality. Mattresses don’t come cheap. Replacing it every year is not a budget-friendly idea but, the type, quality, and maintenance of the material can help extend its life.

Bed & Bedding offers the best bed mattress in Pune with an assured guarantee on India’s top orthopedic mattresses and bedding products. In this blog, we will discuss how to extend the mattress life and prevent having it dispose of way too early.

How to extend my mattress life?

Buy A Mattress Protector

Mattresses are prone to coffee spills, bodily fluids, dirt, and pet hairs.  Basically, accidental spills happen, and a mattress protector, especially the waterproof one, will ensure nothing affects the mattress’s quality. Different types of mattress protectors come in different sizes and price ranges. Bed and Bedding ensure the customers get the right product to retain our brand name.

Support the Mattress

Many times, people fail to offer a flat surface to their mattresses and evenly distribute the edges. As a result, the mattress wears off in no time. The innerspring mattress may need a box spring, but the foam mattresses require a solid platform to uniformly distribute the sleeper’s body weight.

Avoid Eating on Bed

The work from home norms has badly affected our lifestyle and habits. Many people have made their home confined to their bedrooms. Food leftovers on the bed attract more bed bugs and cockroaches, the worst nightmare of every individual. The bugs not just feed on your dead skin cells but also consume blood from the body. Therefore, to keep your mattress clean, avoid eating on the bed.

Taking the right steps at the right time is the key to maintain your mattress life. If you plan to buy a new mattress, we welcome you at our mattress store in Pune. Browse through our range of products to avail exciting deals and products. Our diligent team will ensure the best mattress products are chosen according to your sleep preferences.

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