How to choose the mattress according to different Indian bed sizes?

Indian Bed sizes

Are you unsure of which mattress size you should buy? Then this article is definitely worth reading.

Learn about the Indian bed sizes

Contrary to standard bed sizes, which are limited options, Indian bed sizes are more diverse. There is a subcategory in one category of bed size. The classic example of this is king-size and queen-size beds that are options of double-bed sizes. And according to the bed sizes, the mattress size alters. 

Here is a chart to give you an idea of Indian bed sizes 


Bed size Dimensions
Single Bed  36”x 75”
Double Bed 54”x75”
Indian Queen Size Bed Dimension 60”x 78”
King Size Bed Dimension 72”x 85”
Indian Bed Sizes Dimension

How to measure bed size?

If you are measuring your existing mattress size to order a new one, you might have to exchange your mattress. Read on how to measure bed size to calculate your mattress size

  • Strip all bedding from the bed.
  • Take a retractable measuring tape and measure the length and breadth carefully.
  • Keep a notepad handy and note the dimensions as you take measurements.
  • Do not measure the edge of the headboard for the simple reason; your mattress is going to fit inside the bed frame.
  • If your bed is too low, then you will need a plush height or 10-inches mattress avoiding low bend while sitting on a bed.

If your bed frame is flat, with no prominent edges to conform mattress, then you can take advantage of choosing the perfect fit size, small size mattress, or even one size bigger mattress.

How to choose the ideal mattress size according to the bed size?

Even if you are clear with the bed size, you must clearly understand what sort of mattress you need. Here are some factors to consider while choosing a mattress.

  • Room size-  If your room size is small, we prefer you choose a queen-size bed and bedding to keep ample space for moving around.
  • Bodyweight – If you are plus size, you will need a 10-inch height mattress to support your weight t. You can also choose it for your personal comfort and needs.
  • Size- If you or your spouse is tall or plus-sized, you will need a king-sized bed preferably, to avoid legs out of bed in a sleeping position.
  • Use preference- Some people prefer to use a plush foam mattress for a guest room during an orthopedic mattress in their room. You can choose according to user preferences.
  • Purpose-  Some couples prefer to sleep with their children. In such cases, we recommend them king-size mattress apt for their purpose. However, a queen size bed is perfectly fine for a couple.

The Difference in King and Queen Size Bed

Those having a single bed is quite sorted for choosing mattress size for single bed, while several clients are unsure about choosing a king or queen-size mattress. Our support consultants ask you a set of questions to help you choose your ideal mattress. Moreover, here are some basic differences between king and queen-size beds that will help you choose the mattress on your own.


Basis Queen Size King Size
Dimensions 60”x78” inches 72”x75” inches
Room Size 10”x10” small bedroom or guest room 12”x12” master bedroom
Cost Less expensive Expensive
Suitable for Tall couples or adults Tall plus size couple or couples wanting to sleep with their baby.
King and Queen Bed Sizes Dimension

Refer to our complete mattress guide to know the detailed sizes of more mattress variants.

If you are reading this article, you must be looking for a mattress. Connect to our sleep consultant to find out your apt mattress, or visit our stores Bed and Bedding and get a nap test to choose the right one.

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