Age is not just a number. One goes through various health changes and needs to consider a few lifestyle habits to lead an active life. For most senior citizens, age brings a wide array of psychological weaknesses, weakened bones, and muscles. Also, older people sleep less yet need to ensure they sleep in a good position that prevents back pain, neck pain, or other chronic issues.

Senior citizens need more than an everyday generic mattress, especially over the age of 60. While some people may still be active until their late 50s, aging starts to show its bad impact in the 60s. The spine and overall posture require more care due to increased fragility, and the best way to achieve this is by investing in a good mattress. A good quality mattress helps older people get proper sleep at night, wake up early, sleep in different sleeping positions, and relax without any pain. Moreover, orthopedic mattresses might also be necessary where older people need dedicated support for their physiological concerns.

What are the best mattresses suitable for older people?

There are several personal and mattress-related factors that one may need to consider before buying a mattress for old-age people. Due to muscle and bone fragility, most senior citizens would need higher maintenance for their spine, shoulders, especially body issues. So weaker muscles and bones would need to relax and recover in a neutral, supportive position that doesn’t cause additional strain to their body. Therefore, an overly soft/plush or tough mattress wouldn’t suit their purpose. The best mattress for older people is a medium-firm mattress. An orthopedic medium-firm mattress or different customizable medium-firm mattress is suitable for older people.

What are the benefits of a medium-firm mattress for senior citizens?

Comfortable sleep preferences: While most people prefer sleeping on the side or back, getting a mattress that works for both is essential. A medium-firm mattress is an excellent choice for people who want to sleep on the side or the back. Irrespective of muscle and bone strength, sleeping on the side creates pressure on the spine, especially if a mattress doesn’t allow to toss and turn comfortably. In medium-firm mattresses, the person can turn his/her shoulders without putting excessive strain or discomfort due to blood circulation. In case of medical diagnosis of issues like cervical, shoulder issues, arthritis, and others, one needs support and comfort while laying down or sleeping. Excess of either side won’t serve the purpose correctly. The softer comfort layer in a medium-firm mattress helps one sleep with ease, and the support layer works to support adequately.

Body support: A person needs full-body or specific support is necessary, especially while dealing with weaker bones, muscle injuries, or inflammatory conditions. If you choose a medium-firm mattress, the surface offers much-needed comfort. Also, the mattress provides a supportive sleeping experience. An innerspring pocket coil medium-firm mattress is the best choice for older people dealing with issues like a broken hip or pelvic injuries. This mattress offers the perfect amount of reactive pressure to provide support without causing pain or additional posture problems.

Relieving chronic pain: Older people develop one or the other health conditions and disorders to manifest, giving them a hard time sleeping. A medium-firm mattress offers a high-quality sleep environment to a soothing, supportive, and calming sleeping experience. Moreover, most chronic pain or muscle pain issues need lying in a supportive yet plush or comfortable environment. Hence, a medium-firm orthopedic mattress or any medium-firm yet supportive mattress would be a perfect choice for older people.

What are the factors to look out for before buying a mattress for senior citizens?

All mattresses aren’t designed equally and for all purposes, and neither are they suitable for every individual. There are factors one should consider when looking for mattresses for senior citizens:

Mattress maintenance: The primary factor to look out for when choosing a mattress for senior citizens is its maintenance guidelines. The mattress should regulate air and temperature and have high-density materials. It must have high-GSM fabric that doesn’t wear and tear off easily. Senior citizens might not always be able to flip their mattresses or ventilate them. So irrespective of foam or innerspring mattress, the mattress should be as low maintenance as possible. A simple wipe and occasional dusting should help keep the mattress fresh and brand new.

Body suitability: Depending upon the factors that disturb sleep, seniors need a comfortable mattress that supports their bodies from all sides. By the age of 55 or above, most people wouldn’t want to sleep any other way than they usually have been. In case of a doctor’s prescription for injury or chronic pain, the mattress should be comfortable and in favor of their sleeping orientation. Once this factor gets settled, you can look for the kind of support they need to address their body issues. Bodyweight, age, and health problems are essential factors to consider before choosing a mattress. In case of confusion, it is always a good idea to connect with our mattress professionals who can help you shortlist a range of compatible mattresses for seniors considering all the factors.

Durability: The mattress should be durable enough to recover or maintain any body issues without the need to switch manufacturers or mattresses. Our mattresses have high-quality materials, construction, and proper research that offers the same top-notch quality for years to come. Settling into a specific sleep environment is crucial, and the mattress should be as minimum maintenance and durable as possible. It will help if you look out for mattresses that have a high-density foam composition and high-GSM fabric. These preferences make the mattress low maintenance and durable.

Support system: The main issue that differentiates mattresses for senior citizens is their care and support; support is a crucial factor. If older people develop chronic pains in the entire body like inflammation, weak muscles, or any other diagnosis, a comfortable mattress with an innerspring pocket coil system will offer them relief and comfort. Whereas, if one has a healthier body and doesn’t need that level of overall delicate support – uniform body support, especially for the back and lower back, should be the main factor. You can either go for a Bonnell coil (in case of overweight individuals) or orthopedic rebounded core support. Most importantly, the mattress should allow spinal alignment and offer a medium-firm for a firm sleeping experience.

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