Everything comes with an expiry date, even your mattresses. A good quality mattress may appear to be long lasting even after it loses its firmness, but ignoring it leads to health implications. You may love your old mattress because you’re used to it, but you’ll know the difference once you change it.

Sleeping on an old worn-out mattress can cause sleeping disorders and prevent you from sleeping for long hours at night. This ultimately leads to low concentration and retarded cognitive functioning. Anything that compromises health should be eliminated as soon as possible. Hence, you must find the newest best mattress in Pune that suits your body and gives you ample rest.

Here are some reasons explaining why you should change your old mattress after expiry.

  • Old mattress causes Sleep Disorder

    It may not be apparent, but mattresses become distorted after a few years of use. As our body gets accustomed to sleeping on it, we become reluctant to change it. Gradually, without a clear indication, it starts causing health problems, starting with lack of sleep that makes us sluggish in the daytime, to poor concentration and memory.

  • Poor Hygenic conditions

    There is no doubt that you keep your bedroom clean. But over the years while sleeping, we perspire, and our sweat deposits on the mattress, which becomes a breeding ground for germs and spores. This unhygienic mattress can cause skin problems, allergies, and other interrelated problems.

  • It causes body ache

    An old mattress causes discomfort and forces us to sleep in the wrong posture. Sleeping in an incorrect posture causes several back problems like spondylitis, back pain, spinal disorders, etc.

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