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Soft and fluffy pillows may not necessarily give you the comfort you deserve. If you have been surfing the internet for ten minutes for pillows, you must have understood there’s a lot to choose from. But how to choose the right one is a big question.

Our mailbox is full of queries where several people ask about pillows. So, finding the right pillow with a simple questionnaire can be a good idea and the first step of the process as well. We will provide you with answers to explain our intent behind asking these questions.


  • STEP 1: Take the quiz

Here is a questionnaire answering to which we can make your work easy and help narrow down your choice.

  1. What is your sleep position?

We mean, are you a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper. You must be changing your position during sleep, but every person has one comfortable and preferable sleeping position in which they lay nicely in bed for several hours. Knowing sleep position can help select the right pillow type.

  1. What mattress type do you use?

Like pillows, profuse mattress options are available. There should be some similarities in the mattress and pillow type; for example, a thin orthopaedic pillow is best suitable for an orthopaedic mattress.

  1. What was your previous pillow type?

If your neck feels sore in the morning, there are chances that your pillow is ditching you in sleep. So, knowing your previous pillow type can hint at how to choose the best pillow for neck pain.

  1. Do you have neck pain or neck-related issues?

If yes, we probably recommend you use an orthopaedic range of pillows. You can drop a query with us, and our sleep experts will guide you to choose the best type of pillows to mitigate your neck pain and have a healthy sleep cycle. 

  1. For how long have you been using your pillow?

Maintaining proper pillow hygiene is very important for its longevity. Most experts recommend using pillows for 1-2 years. Plus, you must change its cover regularly or use a pillow protector that can be easily stripped and cleaned. 


  • STEP 2: Learn about your sleeping pattern

It is a very important factor in choosing the right type of pillow. Here is an explanation of how it helps:

  1. Back sleepers– Back sleepers and tummy sleepers’ spines should be aligned straight. If your pillow is too lofty, your cervical spine will be craned upright. A thin, orthopaedic pillow can keep the head at just the right elevation height while maintaining ergonomic spine balance while sleeping.
  2. Side Sleeper– Medium or firm, which is the best type of pillow for side sleepers? Keeping the spine neutral is crucial for healthy sleep. Therefore, the side sleeper needs soft or medium-soft lofty pillows that cradle while sleeping. You can get a customised pillow with additional accessory support and removable fluff-up materials that can be swapped occasionally.
Correct Sleeping Position vs Incorrect sleeping position

Pro Tip: If you are unsure whether your spine is in neutral alignment while sleeping, make sure that your ears align with your shoulders and your chin is in line with your sternum.


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  • STEP 3: Rationalise between needs and wants

Profuse pillow options can easily tempt the public with slippery taglines and bumper offers. But, it is more important that you listen to your body’s needs and choose the right one for you. 

Here are a few pillow options which you can choose according to your body’s needs:

            Cooling technology– If you sweat too much, or your current pillow feels hot while sleeping, you must try pillows with cooling gel or cooling technology. These breathable pillows keep the sweat away and give you a cooler sleep.

           Customization and support– Some pillows come with extra fluff or customization options. They allow you to put or take off the extra coverage and find a suitable pillow for your sleep cycle.

           Bouncy and stress-free sleep pillow- Some latex lovers, memory foam fans, Dunlop type, and body-conforming pillows are constructed to relieve pressure from the cervical spine and give you healthy sleep. You can trail pillows at our showroom to help yourself discover the best pillow for you.  


  • STEP 4: Expiry of pillow

Every pillow has an expiration date. It may distort, lump up, or deflate when it approaches its expiry. It may also happen due to rough usage, so it is recommended to change the pillow after seeing the results as mentioned above.


Above all, you must pay attention to spine alignment while sleeping and choose a good quality pillow that does not deform significantly. Talk to our sleep consultant to help you choose the best from different types of pillows.

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