Choosing the best bed mattress in Pune can be a daunting task, especially when there are myriad options available in the market; each product promising to be the best. The best way to identify the right mattress is by comparing them with various types of mattress materials.

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Although there are many mattress types’ available, foam mattresses and spring mattresses are the most popular among the large population. This blog will make you understand the various aspects and differences in buying a foam or spring mattress.

What is Foam Mattress?

In 1960, NASA introduced the memory foam material as a shock absorber for astronauts. Later in 1990, the memory foam was extensively used for the mattress manufacturing process. The memory foam mattress reacts positively to changing temperature and body weight.

Its dense structure contours the body curves to provide maximum support and pressure relief.

The tightly packed cells make it an excellent hypoallergenic material that prevents dust, bed bugs, allergens, and bacteria from entering the mattress.

The open-cell memory foam is designed with a porous structure to promote airflow and keep the surface dry, clean, and fresh all the time.

Some mattress manufacturers use gel, copper, and other cooling agents to keep their mattress products cool and supportive.

The memory foam mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and chemical-free. Therefore, it ensures that you get clean, healthy, and allergy-free sleep at night.

What is Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses are the most traditional mattresses, best known for their simplicity and affordability. Steel coils were first developed in 1857, but it was launched in the mattress industry in 1871, as the world’s first innerspring mattress.

The spring mattress provides spinal alignment, a perfect bounce rate, and excellent support to the entire body.

The latest technology development has transformed spring mattress into a luxury innerspring mattress. Although the basic structure remains the same, the coil system varies in every product.

Different mattress manufacturers use different wire thicknesses while engineering the mattress.

The quality, comfort, longevity, price, and support solely depend on the type of coil used in the mattress you want to purchase.

The Bonell/offset coil mattress has an hour-glass shape. Thus, it offers an enhanced bouncing rate and brilliant support.

The continuous coil mattress is the right choice for back and stomach sleepers. It is durable and transfers less disturbance compared to the Bonell coil mattress.

The individual coil mattress is somewhat similar to the memory foam mattress. Its pocketed coils isolate your body movement and do not disturb the person sleeping next to you.

Both foam and spring mattress has their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. You can weigh the features and choose what works best for your sleeping preferences. For expert advice, you can visit our mattress shop in Pune at your nearest location.

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