As the name suggests, an orthopaedic mattress refers to a mattress, specially designed to offer maximum support to your spine, and provide optimum postural support. It is well-known to deliver the right amount of comfort and prevent any spine-related conditions. The demand for an orthopaedic mattress in Pune has sky-rocketed due to people’s sedentary and stressful lifestyle.

What’s so special about Orthopaedic mattress?

Our spine is responsible for offering support to our entire body. This pressure leads to causing wear and tear with time. Sleeping helps to repair this wear and tear, and we wake up all refreshed the next morning. Therefore, good night sleep is crucial for an individual’s well-being.

An orthopaedic mattress is engineered to provide maximum support to the body while maintaining a straight posture. Therefore, experts and orthopaedic surgeons recommend using the orthopaedic mattress to relieve back pain, neck pain, and spinal conditions. Also, patients diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, arthritis, or cervical pain must switch to a high-quality orthopaedic mattress.

The biggest advantage of using an orthopaedic mattress is that it equally distributes your body weight, lending additional support to the pressure points. Its ergonomic structure and firm support layer help alleviate spinal pain and promote natural healing of the body while asleep.

Who can use an Orthopaedic mattress?

• Orthopaedic mattress is an ideal choice for people struggling with their lower back pain.
• Someone recovering from spine surgery or back pain treatment can opt for an orthopaedic mattress to speed up the recovery process.
• A patient suffering from neck pain or shoulder pain every morning can try using an orthopaedic mattress and orthopaedic pillow.
• Someone who follows a 9-5 work schedule needs additional support at night to relax their spinal alignment. Such people must use an orthopaedic mattress.
• Someone who met with an accident or is prone to muscle or joint-related injuries must sleep on an orthopaedic mattress for added support.

Experts recommend that adults and old-aged people should sleep on an orthopaedic mattress to prevent future spinal misalignment complications. It is wise to invest in the right quality mattress rather than experience the excruciating pain of spinal injury and lower back pain.

How to choose the right orthopaedic mattress?

There are many shops and vendors who claim to offer the best-quality orthopaedic mattress, but they are not genuine orthopaedic mattresses. Bed & Bedding is one of the top brands you can consider to buy the best mattress in Pune. Our products are backed with guarantee, warranty, and aims for 100% customer satisfaction. Some of the best ways to choose the right orthopaedic mattress are:

• Make sure it provides differentiated zonal support and equally distributes your body weight on the mattress surface.
• Check whether the mattress is scientifically engineered to support the shape of your back and whole body.
• Check for the firmness of the mattress and whether it matches with your sleeping preferences.
• The fabric of the mattress should be breathable and hypoallergenic.
• The product should be tested and recommended by a credible health expert group.
• Make sure that quality material in right density is been used to make Orthopaedic mattress.

So, why sleep with discomfort when you can buy an orthopaedic mattress and prevent body pain? To know more about our products and price range, you can browse through our website and chat with our customer support team for any mattress related concern.

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