Lingering back pain could severely affect your quality of life and prove to be quite fatal in the long run. While there are therapies, professional treatments, and other methods to deal with back pain, your mattress plays an important role to ensure it does not aggravate the pain further. If you are suffering from lower back pain or back pain in general, you may need to evaluate the quality and sturdiness of your mattress. A mattress that has been in use for several years may not provide the required support your back needs.

As one of the leading mattress stores in Pune, our experts recommend switching to a mattress made from a hybrid of memory foam & coils or a complete memory foam mattress. Although we cannot pinpoint the exact type of mattress that is suitable for everyone, memory foam and the hybrid mattress have offered positive results for most of our clients suffering from back pain. You can get in touch with our team to find out the range of mattresses available at our stores. However, in this blog, we will discuss a few points and address a few common queries regarding how one should go about while choosing a mattress.

Will a Mattress Help in Getting Rid of Back Pain?

The mattress can certainly play an important part in easing out the pain in your back. However, the causes of back pain extend beyond the mattress you are sleeping on. Incorrect posture, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of stretching and back movement are some of the causes of back pain. While a good mattress can assist you in minimizing the pain during the day, it is important to note that your back pain cannot be solely cured by a mattress.

What is the recommended firmness level?

A mattress with a medium firmness has proven to be the most effective choice in dealing with back pain. Further, several surveys have revealed that a majority of the people prefer sleeping on the side and a mattress with a medium firmness provides the required balance and support to the back.

What is the best sleep position to deal with back pain?

Sleeping on the side is recommended. However, the sleeping position could vary depending on the type of pain. It is important to keep your spine in a neutral alignment while sleeping to ensure you do not aggravate your back pain. Our experts believe sleeping on the side with a pillow between the knees is the best way to deal with back pain as it eases out the pressure on the lumbar spine.

It is recommended to talk to our experts before you choose a mattress especially if you are suffering from chronic back pain. Our team of experts will guide you through our range of mattresses that are specifically made for individuals suffering from back pain. Our range includes products from leading mattress brands in India and is available at the best prices. Get in touch with us to know more!

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