Buying mattress online or in a brick mortar store can be really daunting as each one of them has their own balanced pros and cons to consider. We sleep one-third of our lives on the mattress and therefore, one cannot compromise over the quality and comfort of it. Bed & Bedding – the leading mattress showroom in Pune has brought you a different outlook for buying the best mattress in Pune.

Buying Mattress Online


Although online shopping is convenient, it can also be really confusing because there are so many choices available out there. A standard mattress retailer is mainly of two types:

  1. Stores that sell mattresses from famous leading manufacturers. E.g., Bed & Bedding.
  2. Companies that sell their own products on their own showrooms.

Stores like ours, tend to have a much cheaper price on the best bed mattress in Pune than the other competitive physical wholesale mattress market in Pune, although they deliver the same product. One major advantage of buying in a retail showroom is you save time and money meant to be wasted on visiting stores and retailers, comparing their products, and making your purchase. Why? Because we have an access to giant mattress manufacturers product assembled in one showroom.

Bed & Bedding is your one-stop destination for luxury bed mattress seller in Pune.

Buying Mattress from Physical Store

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One major benefit of buying a mattress from a physical mattress showroom in Pune is, you can try each product and decide for yourself over comfort and price. Our retail store located in 7 different locations of Pune not just brings your search result of “best mattress shop near me” at ease but also deliver quality products to your service

Online Vs Physical Store Shopping

Online Vs Physical Store Shopping

If expert advice is meant to be followed, they suggest spending at least 20 minutes lying on a mattress in the showroom before buying it. In case you plan on buying the mattress online, it might take you hours of lounging from product to product, evaluating every mattress you choose.

However, buying from a physical showroom like ours can save you this time as we offer “50 days free night trial” to check the comfort of your bed at home. This idea is much reliable and proves to be a justified purchase then you’re few minutes’ showroom nap decision.

At Bed & Bedding, we provide quality brand products only. We understand the concerns and need of our valued customers and therefore, make sure the clients get value for their investment. One major perk of having us as your mattress seller in Pune is, our products are guaranteed, tested, and at a very competitive market price. Walk into our showroom and you shall be greeted by our highly-enthusiastic salesperson who will guide you through the best product mattress for your comfort sleep.

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