You might be sleeping for a recommended 6-8 hours and still cannot sleep healthily. Sleeping positions matter a lot to achieve a night of healthy sleep and very few people might be following the right sleeping pattern. Experts believe that the first step towards attaining healthy sleep is to have the right mattress. A mattress that preserves your correct sleep posture is the perfect mattress and will help you eliminate the various health conditions associated with lack of sleep.

Are you unable to achieve a regular sleep? It’s high time to visit the best mattress store in Pune. Bed & Bedding – Country’s leading mattress showroom in Pune is here today to help you discover the best and worst sleeping positions:

Sleeping on the back

According to the health professionals, sleeping on the back is the best sleeping position for a healthy spine and neck. The mattress covers your entire back in this position, and the body maintains its neutral posture. Also, it reduces your tummy problems and prevents acidity with your head elevated above the stomach.

Note: People suffering from snoring problem are asked to avoid sleeping on their back. Doctors recommend them to sleep on their side.

Sideways Sleeping

This position is also an ideal sleeping position highly recommended to pregnant women. Sleeping sideways stretch your back and prevents the snoring problem. It is also an ideal position for blood flow to and from the heart.

Note: Sleeping for long hours in your side posture might increase your chances of facial wrinkles and saggy breasts. Make sure you follow a strict sleep routine.

Sleeping on the Stomach

It is considered to be the worst sleeping position and can have a tremendous effect on your health, body, and posture. Under this position, your body struggles to find support for your spine and result in severe neck pain and back pain when awake. This position also demands extra pressure on your muscles and bone causing numbness and joint pain.

Note: People with severe snoring problem might find sleeping on their stomach as a good position.

Are you confused which mattress to choose for healthy sleep? Bed & Bedding is well-known for providing the best foam mattress price in Pune. Our extensive range of collections in luxury mattress and expert staff personnel will help you find the right mattress according to your sleeping preferences and what suits best to your health.

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