A good night’s rest is essential for your day-to-day health. However, the long-term effects of sleeping on a mattress that offers inadequate support are painful and debilitating. There are many factors to consider while purchasing a new mattress, such as material quality, comfort, ergonomic design, lifespan, and finally, the cost. So simply basing your choices on costs can lead to long-term regrets.

The idea of buying a cheap mattress online is tempting, but you may end up with an uncomfortable bed and sleep disorders for years to come. There are many attributes of a premium mattress that benefit your health, which adds to its total cost. And to help you understand the gravity of this choice here is a list of advantages you get when you visit a mattress shop in Pune to choose a premium mattress as opposed to when you buy mattress online to save a few bucks.

Advantages of buying a premium mattress online

Great physical support

A premium mattress lets you get comfortable from the moment you climb into bed and supports your posture throughout the night. These mattresses mold to the body’s shape and help you get all the necessary support for reading, watching television, or sleeping in bed. In addition, they prevent the aches and pains that you would wake up to almost every morning from a cheap, rigid mattress.

High-quality core material

The foam quality used in premium mattresses is sleep grade pure to ensure superior support. The expensive mattresses often use memory foam, renowned for its ability to contour to its user’s body and provide exceptional comfort. In addition, a premium mattress has a high GSM (grams square per meter) or high-density fabric. These fabrics feel smooth and provide an excellent surface on the mattress. Also, it is easy to maintain and comes in many colors.

Better thickness

Most premium mattresses have a thickness of around 20 inches and above. People who weigh more on the heavy side, or prefer to sleep on one side, or pregnant women, develop a risk of pressuring their muscles and bones painfully. A premium mattress is suitable for such people as it is thick enough not to feel the surface under it.


Strategical design approach

A premium mattress has appropriate materials in both comfort and support layers because of research-based algorithms and advanced technologies. For instance, Bed and Bedding, a mattress shop in Pune, uses software that considers the height, weight, sex, and existing pains in a customer’s body for deciding the mattress best for them. Also, before the products are released into the market, they are tested rigorously.

Innovative ideas

The premium mattresses come in a wide range of innovative designs that provide luxury options to the customers. For instance, some of the mattresses have multiple comfort settings and air conditioning, and built-in heating. In addition, some mattresses rely on suspension or use reactive foam gelatin in place of strings.

Advantages of buying a cheap mattress online

Best for temporary or short-term use

Online mattresses are good if you need a mattress for short-term use in the office or a guest room. In addition, if you are not particular with the material of the mattress and can compromise with a thinner mattress, you can buy mattress online that is affordable for you.

Easy purchase and brand variety

Visiting different stores to find a comfortable mattress often gets time-consuming. Online mattress shopping enables you to shop from the comfort of your home or office at any time of the day. In addition, you can visit different websites easily compare the different mattresses offered by various brands.

Less cost

You can find cheap versions of mattresses online that are affordable for the general public and allow people to purchase them more easily. For instance, an affordable mattress can be a choice for students, fresher employees, or recently relocated people who don’t know who don’t want to spend more on a mattress.

However, there are disadvantages when you buy mattress online that outweigh these superficial advantages significantly.

Disadvantages of buying a cheap mattress online


Affordable online mattresses may not be very comfortable, and sometimes they may lead to back pain or physical complaints. This is because the fabric quality in affordable online mattresses is not guaranteed. Though some cheap mattresses are made with decent substances such as latex foam or pocket spring coal; some models are only filled with low-grade polyfoam, which provides minimal comfort and doesn’t last that long.

Difficult to maintain

Affordable mattresses like waterbeds, inflatable beds, and airbeds may be difficult to maintain. Also, finding high-quality yet inexpensive mattresses is not easy as they are not typically advertised as much as the more high-priced and state-of-the-art ones.

Poor Warranty

Sometimes, you may get stuck with a warranty that’s hard to get benefits from. In addition, many people are not comfortable ordering a mattress from unknown manufacture over the internet.

The moral here is, be it online or offline, choosing a cheaper mattress over a premium mattress can cost you much more in the long run.


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