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It all started in the year 2010 on the shop floor of a listed furniture retail company in India when Nilesh Jadhav and Rocky Francis understood the importance of mattress in human life. Then they conceived the idea of retailing only mattresses, unlike big furnishing and furniture store where a mattress is one of the many products. 


Within a decade, Bed & Bedding Co. transformed from a company into the Best Brand of Bed Mattress by creating a network of stores. Your needs comes first, therefore we created a mattress portfolio around them. Varying comfort and best international brand  supporting levels are available in our trademark mattress line, which was specifically designed to enhance overall sleep quality.

We are today known as one of the most acknowledged firms for best bed mattresses in India, with state-of-the-art experience centres spread throughout cities and an online store that can reach practically every pin code in the nation. All of our comfort mattresses are created in-house with the utmost care to the type of mattress giving precise pressure points in order to achieve our goal of ensuring pleasant sleeping experiences are available to everyone. We are capable of bridging the divide between sleep and technology thanks to our fully forward and holistic production facilities, making us one of the most popular and reliable brand mattresses in India.

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Please don’t confuse us with a mattress brand seller. Bed and Bedding Co. is actually in the match-you-with-the-right-mattress- business. We have products filtered on the basis of


We are all aware that choosing a mattress brand in India will be a critical decision as soon as we enter the store. Before committing to a purchase, whether you’re wanting to replace an old mattress or are shopping for your first one, you should conduct some research. So what exactly are you supposed to know? How can you ensure you’re choosing a good mattress?

To begin with, it’s critical to comprehend what a mattress is and the role it performs in your sleep. You should next take into account the various sorts, including high density foam, hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses and medium firm mattresses, depending on your body weight and body heat. We also encourage you to read our page on how to select the ideal comfort layer mattress for your particular sleeping preferences.

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Our experienced SleepConsultant™ will help you choose the right Mattress. Know what are the features and benefits of the products you are investing in for next 2500 nights. And its for FREE!!

Average Rating 4.6

Average Rating of 4.6
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We have partnered with the best brands to bring you the best sleep. Our 10+ years of experience in sleep industry helps us deliver comfortable to you at your door step.

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Average Rating of 4.5


It’s simpler than you would think to choose a mattress from Bed & Bedding Co. According to your tastes, you can find them. A soft top-layer mattress that you can snuggle into like a daydream or a queen-size mattress that is fantastic for stretching out? Are you seeking a mattress for back pain or one that will be effective for motion isolation?

Only the best mattresses are available at Bed & Bedding Co. for your constant comfort. You can be confident that the mattress you purchase from us online is of the highest caliber and is made to last. So, for a fair price that offers value, purchase a mattress right away.

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