After working a long day, driving through vexing traffic and weather, all we want after reaching home at night is a peaceful meal followed by a serene sleep.

It’s a known fact that the quality of your sleep is directly proportional to the quality of your mattress. Hence, for the desired sleeping comfort, you must choose a mattress which provides stability to both your body and your mind.

Today, the new Orthopedic mattresses are popularly being talked about for providing such heavenly sleeping experience to a lot of people and here are seven distinct ways how they are doing so;

Sheer Relief From Backaches:

  • The orthopaedic mattress is designed with differential zoning layers which provide varying support to specific areas of the body depending on their weight and thickness of the profile.
  • The zonal transition layer of the mattress provides firmer support to the heaviest parts like the pelvic region and upper chest to prevent them from sinking while the softer layer offers adequate support to the lighter parts of your body.
  • This uniquely designed mattress for back pain also nullifies stiffness and aches in pressure points, such as the neck, shoulders, and hips.

No Need For External Cooling:

  • An orthopaedic mattress is integrated with materials which do not allow heat to be trapped within the mattress, keeping it cool at a stable temperature throughout the night.
  • This way, you don’t need external cooling devices which consume electricity and harm your bones too.

Eternal rigidity and stability:

  • It is manufactured with a viscoelastic material that provides relaxation to all your bones and muscles without losing its stiffness.
  • Unlike regular mattresses which sink and trap your movements in sleep, they do not lose their form over time and allow stable and jerk-free movements without disturbing your sleep.

More durable and affordable:

  • Orthopaedic mattresses are known to be more durable due to their design and quality of materials.
  • And even though they are the most comfortable, you can still buy them are affordable prices equivalent to the regular mattresses.

Usable On Both Sides:

  • Although a regular mattress is designed to be used only on one side mandatorily, an orthopaedic mattress provides unique benefits on both its sides.
  • The upper side provides uniform cooling throughout its life while the bottom side can also be used when you need more firmness and typical warmth to sleep during winters.

Serene Sleep Next To A Fidgety Partner:

  • If your partner has the habit of twisting and turning while sleeping, a regular mattress which moves continuously due to its high elasticity may lead to a lot of sleepless nights and quarrels between you two.
  • Due to its unique structure, an orthopaedic mattress prevents this from happening by limiting its movements only under your partner’s body while holding still on your part.

Chemical and Physical Safety:

  • The orthopaedic mattress has been designed after a lot of research on different allergies people have to certain substances. The materials used are unadulterated and verified for having any allergic reactions.
  • Also, the surface is modified to make sure it does rub, scratch or harm your skin in any other ways helping you sleep safe and sound.

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