Does a good mattress make any difference for older people to get a good sleep? Yes, it does. According to a few researches, comfortable mattresses reduce back pain, stress, and sleep quality among patients with chronic pain and aches that compromise their sleep.

Senior citizens often dissolve the idea of buying a new mattress, maybe because they are unaware of its benefits and importance. Bed & Bedding suggest its customers not to brush off their aches as a sign of aging. Instead, take significant steps to correct your situation and enhance your sleeping comfort with the best mattress in Pune.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Senior Citizens?

If you are looking for a new mattress, visit our mattress shop in Pune. We have a vast collection of luxury mattresses and therapeutic mattresses which can perfectly serve your comfort sleep and quality health. Some of our products are:

1) Innerspring Mattress

innerspringAn innerspring mattress is one of the most widely used mattresses. They offer support with coil springs that are individually enclosed. Its firmness, fluffiness and competitive price range makes it a perfect choice for senior citizens and people with compromise sleeping patterns.

2) Memory foam mattresses

memory-foam-mattressesMemory foam mattresses are made up of layers of different densities of foam that will respond to your weight shifts throughout the night. Often our weight shifts can awake the person sleeping next to us, but with memory foam mattress you can escape it. Also, as you toss and turn, the memory foam reduces pressure points and relieves body aches.

3) Latex Mattress

late mattress

Latex mattresses are made up of either natural or synthetic rubber to provide firmness, support, and uniformity throughout the bed surface. Both latex mattress and latex mattress topper is an excellent pain reliever and offers a perfect combination of comfort and support.

4) Air Mattresses


No, not the ones you put your guests on for a few days. Air mattresses are a standard version of an innerspring mattress. The only difference is, in place of coils, air mattresses use air-filled chambers and covers the foam layers on top. Air mattress is perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences.

5) Adjustable Beds

adjustable mattress

Such beds can bend and elevate at different angles. This mattress is well-known for its flexibility. People who prefer watching television while on the bed can opt for adjustable beds for comfort and durability. Before considering an adjustable bed, talk to your doctor whether it is a right fit for you.

As we grow old, our sleeping preferences become more personal. Visit our mattress shops in Pune and find the right mattress that suits your sleeping choice so that you wake up refreshed and without body aches.

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