Your mattress plays a vital role to achieve a good night sleep. With ageing, comes the health condition such as backaches and bone spurs, arthritis, or even worst, frozen shoulder. The pain associated with these disorders can hinder your sleep. Doctors often prescribe a healthy diet and few exercises to maintain your health also for good back support, orthopedic mattresses have been helping people get quality sleep .

What is an Orthopedic Mattress?


It is a firm mattress specially designed to support our body, bones, muscles, and joints. If you are suffering from sports injuries, backaches, joint problems, or have undergone surgery, you need a quality mattress to speed up your recovery timing.

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Benefits of Orthopedic Mattress

1) Enhanced Support

Our Orthopedic mattresses are known for its ergonomic design that contours support to our body, body weight, and spines. Make sure you purchase it from a reputed and well-known luxury mattress supplier in Pune as they will help you get the right own which serves your requirements.

2) Eliminate the roll-together issue

Many times, the person sleeping next to us rolls in and this creates a disturbance in your sleep. The best mattress shops in Pune offers orthopedic mattresses that eliminate this problem. Now you can enjoy your beauty sleep without getting disturbed by your partner’s sleeping pattern.

3) Excellent for Spinal Support

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses have designed it with ergonomic support. Thus it serves excellent support to our spine. In a corporate world with most of the family members serving 9-5 job, spine problem is very common today. Bring our luxury mattress and gift your family a healthy life.

3) Excellent for Spinal Support

Is it getting hard for you to get a continuous undisturbed sleep? Do not worry. Our orthopedic mattress has got you covered. Bring it home today and be wide awake in the morning feeling all refreshed. One should never compromise with their sleep as it creates a huge impact on our overall daily activities and quality of life.

Our team of experts especially recommends quality mattresses, because then every mattress you try will give you a comfortable feeling. Relax and spend enough time on choosing the right mattress. We, at Bed & Bedding, understand our valued customer’s needs and therefore, each of our team members will personally guide you through the right mattress by explaining its features, advantages. Visit our store today and bring your comfort home.

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