Who doesn’t enjoy a comforting good night’s sleep? However, we often forget the importance of sleeping on the right mattress that will keep your back in the best shape. If you are suffering from pain in the lower back, it is time for you to evaluate the firmness and support of your mattress. If the mattress does not provide appropriate support while sleeping, it could also affect the alignment of your spine and aggravate the pain in your lower back.

Apart from causing physical pain, a poor-quality mattress can significantly affect your sleeping pattern in the long run. If you are looking for a Back-pain mattress in Pune, look no beyond than Bed and Bedding. As one of the leading luxury mattress suppliers in Pune, we offer a wide range of affordable and high-quality mattresses under one roof.

With an array of mattresses to choose from, selecting the right mattress could be a tricky task. Our experts have thus, offered their two cents on how you should choose a mattress that will offer optimum support and relief from back pain.

Assess the physical components of the mattress

It is essential to note that the innerspring and coils of a mattress provide the required support. The internal framework varies from brand to brand and also depends on the type of mattress.
Choose a mattress that will provide sufficient support to your lower back and not affect your body’s posture while you are asleep.

Choose a mattress with back support

The right and high-quality mattress should offer support for the natural alignment and curves of the spine. A mattress with optimum support will provide sufficient support while sleeping and assist you to avoid soreness of the muscle in the morning.

Although there is no concrete evidence to prove this but mattresses with medium firmness offer enhanced pain relief than other variants of mattresses.

Strike balance between comfort and support

Although support is one of the most important parameters, one should also not forget about comfort. Ultimately, a mattress should feel comfortable and simultaneously provide the required amount of support to your lower back.

Get rid of your saggy mattress

If your mattress has started showing signs of sagging from the middle, it is time for you to consider replacing the same with a new mattress. Although you can place boards under the portion of the mattress that is sagging, it is a short-term solution.

 mattress with back support
Bed and Bedding is one of the most established and renowned luxury mattress suppliers in Pune. If you are considering replacing your current mattress, get in touch with our team of expert sleep Consultant who will guide you and assist you to buy the best-suited mattress for you.

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